A Mother’s Rights #3: You have the right to wear clothes that fit.

A few days ago, I started a feature: 15 Mother’s Rights. It started with a Mother’s Rights #1: You have the right to get 8 hours of sleep every 24 hours. Number 2 on the list was about taking time to eat.

Here comes number 3:

So I am going to admit that I wore the same pregnancy yoga pants and shirts for way too long, beyond postpartum, particularly when my baby weight stayed past its welcome like an unwanted house guest.

What I did not do was shop for clothes that actually fit.

For a period of about 2 years, I vacillated between 3 sizes, not just in pants and shirts, but my shoe size changed too. I tried desperately to work myself into that one size- the size I was before pregnancy- but that shit was not happening.

My metabolism slowed to a crawl after my third baby and I reaaaaaally like red wine and dark chocolate. And grains of any kind. And a good cheeseburger. And cheeeeeese.

Though it can be kind of fun to shop for maternity clothes, it’s not as much fun shopping after the baby arrives, carrying 20 extra pounds, admitting your postpartum body does not fit into pre-pregnancy sized-jeans.

It’s tempting to do nothing and just put up with feeling uncomfortable and unpolished for months and months. Like I did. Not proud. I encourage you to choose something different.

After-baby weight can last for months or for years. After-baby weight can just become, well, your weight. So embrace it, love it, and buy some clothes that fit your beautiful new body.

Old Navy, thrift stores, Target, and amazon all have options now for inexpensive clothing that can help you adjust to your new body. I particularly like Mod Cloth and Athleta if you want a spend a little more. Love your amazing bod however long it maintains its current shape and size, whether it be 2 months or 20 years.

And get some duds that you feel comfortable and confident in. You deserve it.


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