Authentic Relating

Be seen, be heard, be valued. Authentic relating is a form of communication where you are seen, heard, and accepted for who you are at any moment. It is a form of conscious relating and a practice of meditation, being in the moment.

Authentic relating is wonderful for:

  • Transitions
  • Feeling lonely
  • Mental clutter
  • Feeling out of touch with yourself
  • Needing to tell a story your way
  • Knowing you need something, but not sure what
  • Wanting to feel more connected to others
  • Wanting to feel more in the moment
  • Looking for new ways to meditate

Authentic Relating Sessions:

60 minutes: Authentic Relating 1-1. You are the focus. I devote my attention to observing you in a non-judgmental way while offering a compassionate presence. You can use this time in silence, you can talk about what you’re experiencing, you may feel inspired to say something or tell a story. Most people experience a profound sense of feeling seen. Usually 10 minutes of instruction/guidance, then 50 minutes of Relating.

90 minutes: Authentic Relating with Instruction: 10 minute intro, 50 minutes of Authentic Relating, 30 minutes of learning technique. These sessions include 30 minutes after the session of instruction so you can employ the tools of Authentic Relating in your life and relationships.

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