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  • Conflict=Energy Chapter 2: Embodiment

    In this week’s episode of Growing Beyond, you will hear Chapter 2 of Jason Digges’ book Conflict=Energy. I’m not getting any cash or favors for reading this content. I just really love it and have found it profoundly helpful. I reached out to Jason and he was cool, as you may expect, and gave me […]

  • Authentic Relating: How do we feel seen?

    The single most profound relational experience I had in my 200 hour yoga teacher training was learning Circling, which is a form of Authentic Relating. I recently reached out to Jason Digges, author of Conflict=Energy: The Transformative Practice of Authentic Relating because I was interested in sharing chapters of his book on my podcast, Growing […]

  • A New Way to Listen? Give Yourself a Hand

    For audio of this post: A client of mine died this week and left me questioning energy, existence, connection, and the mysteries of human life. I work with the dying as a massage therapist, but unraveling these unknowns is human work and you know, just a regular Tuesday for us deep thinkers. To be present […]

  • For the parents….

    For the parents….

            This is a short episode. I wanted to give a shout out to parents of young kids making it work amidst extreme social restrictions. Particularly parents of high energy kids that are seeking proprioceptive input and need therapy that might be currently unavailable. Especially parents who are working overtime to manage […]

  • New Podcast: Meditate Elevate

    New Podcast: Meditate Elevate

    Hello there. Just a quickie update to say I finally have some audio meditations available! They’re in podcast format under the show name: Meditate Elevate. You can find them on apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher, and I’m working on getting them up on google play too. The latest episode was Yoga Nidra. Very, very powerful and […]