Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is one of those words like love or grief. It does not do itself justice in conveying the many nuances, meanings and facets. It’s more than getting into shapes and poses, as sometimes our Western world may try to simplify it into. It’s a practice of life where the student studies the infinite essence of creation and the infinite power of awareness. This study and practice brings a pristine clarity of gratitude, clear as a bell, for every single moment.

Yoga can be breath, movement, stillness, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, connection, self-awareness, dancing, chanting, visualization, on the mat, off the mat. It is about connecting to the innermost self and connecting to the grandest forces of creation. It is about understanding those two things share a common denominator. It is finding grace in the sweeping challenge of hardship and finding gratitude and giving in thriving.

The more I study yoga, the more I want to study yoga.

Meditation can be studied as a component of yoga, or studied on its own. It is about attuning to the power of attention and aligning with the spaciousness that can be discovered with very simple tools like breathing, sound, posture, visualizing, and movement. It is about cultivating mindfulness and a beginner’s mind, getting comfortable in a centered space and taking that centeredness into everything you do. It is transformational.

The more I meditate, the more I want to meditate.