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  • For the parents….

    For the parents….

            This is a short episode. I wanted to give a shout out to parents of young kids making it work amidst extreme social restrictions. Particularly parents of high energy kids that are seeking proprioceptive input and need therapy that might be currently unavailable. Especially parents who are working overtime to manage…

  • The Pep Talk

    The Pep Talk

      Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling like someone of importance has announced that a meteor is on a course for earth and will inevitably collide into our planet, causing insurmountable damage and destruction. Not the case, but the tone in messages from almost every media source is either peppered or overseasoned with…

  • GROW Podcast: Interview with Ali Brooks

    GROW Podcast: Interview with Ali Brooks

        Ali Brooks does amazing work! She leads an empowerment group for girls with Maureen Cassidy right here in Madison. She is also an amazing artist and social worker who works with women who have experienced trauma. Find her website here: Medicine for the Heart and find the link to her girls’ empowerment group…

  • GROW podcast: Interview with 3 wise women.

    GROW podcast: Interview with 3 wise women.

      In this episode, you will hear the voices of women who have over 230 years between them walking this planet. My mom and two Aunts join me in a conversation that will inspire and surprise you.   If you don’t have any women in their 70’s and 80’s in your life, give a listen. We talk…

  • GROW: Podcast Girl Talk with Kelly and Abbie

    GROW: Podcast Girl Talk with Kelly and Abbie

        Well, four episodes in, and things have kind of gone to hell in terms of being informational. This episode is straight Girl Talk. Here are two of my BFF’s, Kelly and Abbie. We started girl talking when we worked together at a pregnancy and early parenting store and resource center, selling nipple creams,…

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