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  • The Pep Talk

    The Pep Talk

      Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling like someone of importance has announced that a meteor is on a course for earth and will inevitably collide into our planet, causing insurmountable damage and destruction. Not the case, but the tone in messages from almost every media source is either peppered or overseasoned with…

  • The Sweet Spot Meditation

    The Sweet Spot Meditation

    For those of us that are wiggly and fidgety by nature, sitting still to meditate can be pretty challenging. Not wanting to do a walking meditation, but still wanting to let the body lead? Thankfully, there’s a meditation for that. The focus in this kind of meditation is twofold: first visualizing a thread from the…

  • Violet Flame Meditation- 8 minutes

    Violet Flame Meditation- 8 minutes

    The violet flame is an energetic tool I use often in meditation. It’s a transformative energy embodying the qualities of grace, unconditional love, forgiveness, freedom, transmutation, and spiritual uplifting to the higher states of consciousness. If you’ve ever heard or said, “I’m just going to offer it up” or “I’m releasing this problem to God,”…

  • Breathing Meditation

    Breathing Meditation

    Please take the time to tune into your breath. There are centuries of wisdom keepers who recommend it and whole philosophies of enlightenment built upon it. Here’s an easy 6ish minute meditation to help you.

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