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  • For the parents….

            This is a short episode. I wanted to give a shout out to parents of young kids making it work amidst extreme social restrictions. Particularly parents of high energy kids that are seeking proprioceptive input and need therapy that might be currently unavailable. Especially parents who are working overtime to manage […]

  • GROW: Podcast Girl Talk with Kelly and Abbie

        Well, four episodes in, and things have kind of gone to hell in terms of being informational. This episode is straight Girl Talk. Here are two of my BFF’s, Kelly and Abbie. We started girl talking when we worked together at a pregnancy and early parenting store and resource center, selling nipple creams, […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #14: You have the right to parent your own way.

    My kids and I had a talent show in the living room this morning. We each took turns either singing a song, pretending to play the piano, dancing, or play-acting martial arts. The house is messy. The dishes weren’t done. I have an acrylic paint stain on the carpet that is waiting for me to […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #11: You have the right to feel however you feel about parenting right now.

      You love your kids. You are devoted, you work hard, you want them to have what you missed as a kid. You want them to have more, to know how loved and important they are. Those things are true on days when you feel happy, loving it all. And it’s also true on days […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #10: You have the right to make eating easy.

    My Irish great grandmother had 16 kids and spent some of her life working the family potato farm in Michigan. In the Midwest 1800’s, there weren’t refrigerators for home use, nor were there chicken nuggets or frozen pizza or oranges or boxed mac n’cheese. When I think of the labor that went into preparing a […]

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