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  • A Mother’s Rights #11: You have the right to feel however you feel about parenting right now.

      You love your kids. You are devoted, you work hard, you want them to have what you missed as a kid. You want them to have more, to know how loved and important they are. Those things are true on days when you feel happy, loving it all. And it’s also true on days […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #8: You have the right to explore who you are now.

    Whew. This could be 18 posts, not just the one. But I’ll try to keep it short. If you need more about how important it is to honor yourself and your journey and to find a way to fucking own it, you can find more¬†here and here. And go to Oprah.com. Here it is in […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #4: You have the right to revise your sex life as needed.

    We are four posts into the 15 Mother’s Rights.¬† Ready for #4?     When I interviewed my mom for my podcast. one of the things she said she wished had happened differently through her early parenting years was that there was more education about what happens to your pelvic floor and your sex life […]

  • Reiki

      When thinking about what I wanted to say here about Reiki, my thoughts drifted back to the most powerful experience I had with receiving Reiki. It was in 1998 and I had just finished college, despite debilitating panic attacks and anxiety disorder. My anxiety got worse after graduating, and I was living with my […]

  • Holding Space

    Today I had a rather large emotional release. I was thinking about my senior year in college- a tough time in my life and about to get tougher. My close friends had graduated the year before and moved away, my dad and I were struggling to maintain a relationship of any kind, I was relying […]

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