Tag: Anxiety and Depression

  • The Pep Talk

      Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling like someone of importance has announced that a meteor is on a course for earth and will inevitably collide into our planet, causing insurmountable damage and destruction. Not the case, but the tone in messages from almost every media source is either peppered or overseasoned with […]

  • GROW podcast: Interview with 3 wise women.

      In this episode, you will hear the voices of women who have over 230 years between them walking this planet. My mom and two Aunts join me in a conversation that will inspire and surprise you.   If you don’t have any women in their 70’s and 80’s in your life, give a listen. We talk […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #11: You have the right to feel however you feel about parenting right now.

      You love your kids. You are devoted, you work hard, you want them to have what you missed as a kid. You want them to have more, to know how loved and important they are. Those things are true on days when you feel happy, loving it all. And it’s also true on days […]

  • A Mother’s Rights #9: You have the right to not always be your best self.

    As the saying goes, only you can be you. I love that. Our problem often lies in thinking that we need to be the best version of ourselves every moment of every day. The standards that most of us try to live by as women are 100% ridiculous and will drive us right into feelings […]

  • Reiki

      When thinking about what I wanted to say here about Reiki, my thoughts drifted back to the most powerful experience I had with receiving Reiki. It was in 1998 and I had just finished college, despite debilitating panic attacks and anxiety disorder. My anxiety got worse after graduating, and I was living with my […]

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