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Align with your highest sense of peace and ease through bodymind therapies and comforting touch.


Essential Touch for Seniors

We need touch and compassionate body therapy now more than ever. I have full Personal Protective Equipment and am able to travel to either facilities or in-home to provide comforting massage, energy therapy, or Craniosacral Therapy. Clients remain comfortable and fully clothed in their own bed, chair or wheelchair. If you prefer to travel to me, my headquarters are in DeForest.

CranioSacral & Neurovascular Therapy

These gentle therapies align with your body’s innate wisdom to calm and regulate the nervous system while releasing tensions and restrictions. The lightest touch over clothing, this work is profoundly restorative and deeply relaxing.

Myofascial Release

When massage and stretching don’t seem to alleviate the tension and pain you’re experiencing, myofascial release is a great next step. Hands-on therapy and longer-held gentle stretches of the connective tissue help release long-held patterns of tension and restrictions. Great for chronic pain and trauma release. This is skin-to-skin therapy (shorts and tank tops work great.)


Connect to your inner being and Source energy. Feel the soothing and warm light of universal love. Reiki is deeply relaxing, comforting and promotes healing in mind, body and spirit. If you are feeling out of touch with the higher vibrations of love, comfort and peace, Reiki is a good first step. This therapy is done fully clothed.

EMF Balancing

Connect to your core energy, activate your evolutionary energetic biology. Calibrate your energy to the potential energy around you. I offer the first 4 phases, each its own session. Each session allows your system to upgrade its channels to allow more of your Infinite Self to flow through you.

Somatic Awareness &
Trauma Release

Connect mind to body to soul and soul to mind to body. Let your subconscious help unwind restrictions that your mind has adapted to. This therapy may involve breathwork, energy balancing, Neurovascular therapy, Trauma Release (induced trembling) guided meditation, sharing of stories your body has to tell, and active compassionate listening.

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