Postpartum Services


Offering support after birthing or adopting, as you welcome new life into your world, emotionally open to new experiences, and logistically adapt to a new person in your space.

Single visit: 2 hours=$60, 4 hours=$110
(DeForest, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Monona, Wauankee, Madison north of the beltline.) Additional travel fee applies to other areas.

Package: 12 hours =$300
Package can be taken in two 6 hour sessions, three 4 hour sessions, or six 2 hour sessions


Being pregnant can be mind-blowing, ecstatic, devastating, and anything in between. I offer assistance in owning your story and experience of this potent time.

Compassionate Listening: Birth Story
What is compassionate listening? It is sacred space held for you so that you can share your experience or be in the presence of unconditional compassion. This is not advice or consult, but the opportunity for you to download some of your experience with someone who will not judge. If birth was tough or surprising or took an unexpected turn and you haven’t talked about it, or you’re just interested in sharing your story I recommend this session. Being heard restores power. Please note that as a postpartum doula, I am usually already in a space of compassionate listening…these sessions include creating sacred space, invoking the assistance of guides and guardians and allowing for energetic healing.

As part of a home visit: 20 minutes = $20, 40 minutes=$40,
In office (usually accompanied by energy healing): 50 minutes=$50

Birth Story Recording w
ith documentation (recording/mp3): $100


There are such complicated and miraculous things happening in our bodies physically every single moment. When we are pregnant and giving birth, those amazing things become even more incredible. Through 40 weeks and beyond, you feel, live and love differently.  These integrative sessions combine a little bodywork, a little energy work, and a lot of sacred space to release, restore and integrate the experience of pregnancy and birth.

Integrative Session & Energy Healing
Added to home visit:
50 minutes=$80
In office: 50 minutes=$80