The Invisible Good

There are millions of people like me around the world who spend a large portion of their lives working with energy. My work often involves clearing static to allow for easier communications with the evolved consciousness, both individual and larger scale, that is available to us. Most of my work centers around tuning into and translating energetic patterns of grace and unconditional love into usable vibrations and easily accessible language and practice, as well as pinpointing what’s “off” and where vibrations could stand to be raised for the greater good.

It may be comforting to know that there are also people who spend their time focusing healing light toward people in hardship, land that has been in turmoil, animals in danger, and places of conflict. I have seen healers with maps and shrines, investing in the healing of this world, focusing light and healing directly toward people or places with great intention. There are those of us who dedicate hours of our days and years of our lives elevating their own consciousness so that the world consciousness benefits. This is important work, and it’s not done in silence in a hilltop monastery, but in the thick of often messy daily life amidst, divorce, traffic jams, stalemate politics and dirty diapers.

In an effort to bring some of the good within out into the world, regardless of location, I am currently offering several different kinds of distance energy healing that can be purchased directly from this website. If interested in Reiki, EMF Balancing, or a Consult email at

If money is a hardship for you, I encourage you to do a google search for free Reiki, as there are often groups or individuals who donate their time. If you are purchasing a session here, please email me to let me know:

Distance Reiki

$1 a minute distance Reiki, EMF Balancing or Consult.