Bodymind Therapy

Reiki: Connect to your inner being and Source energy. Feel the soothing and warm light of universal love. Reiki is deeply relaxing and comforting and promotes healing in mind, body and spirit. Wonderful session if you are feeling out of touch with the higher vibrations of love, comfort and peace. Can be incorporated into massage or done as a stand-alone fully clothed. Can be done via distance. Please read how this work has affected my life here. Available via distance.

EMF Balancing: Connect to your core energy, activate your evolutionary energetic biology. Calibrate your energy to the potential energy around you. I offer the first 4 phases, each its own session. Each session allows your system to upgrade its channels to allow more of your Infinite Self to flow through you. Can be done via distance. Please read how this work has affected my life here. Available via distance.

Phase 1: Wisdom & Emotions
Phase 2: Self-Direction & Self-Support
Phase 3: Radiate Core Energy
Phase 4: Energetic Accomplishment

Myofascial Release: Gentle sustained holds and stretches deeply affect the connective fascial tissues in the body where many restrictions and traumas are held, affecting every other aspect of the mindbody. Releasing, softening and unwinding provide the body opportunity to let go of deeply held tissue memory. This work is done with the client wearing shorts and for women, a bikini or tank.

Craniosacral/Neurovascular Therapy:
Give your body’s wisdom the opportunity to come forward and flow. This very gentle hands-on technique encourages the central nervous system to integrate and balance, while relieving tension and restriction in the tissues. A wonderful remedy if you are feeling rushed, over-scheduled or out of sync. This work is done with the client fully clothed.

Postpartum Integration:
There’s no such thing as getting your body “back” after a pregnancy. You are forever something new with new awarenesses, emotions, and often new traumas to work through. Integration involves energy therapy, sharing of your story at your level of comfort, tuning into the body and often light manual therapy and touch/acupressure. The intention is for you to feel at home in your new body, honoring the journey of transformation you have embarked upon. This work is usually done with the client fully clothed.

Mindbody Integration:
Connect mind to body to soul and soul to mind to body. Let your higher consciousness help unwind restrictions that your body has adapted to. May involve breathwork, energy balancing, Neurovascular therapy, guided meditation, sharing of stories your body has to tell, and active compassionate listening.

Compassionate Listening: Also known as “holding space,” these sessions are an opportunity for you to be held in a space of grace and energetic potential. It is not counseling or therapy but rather an invitation for your higher wisdom to come forward through the sharing of your story in the presence of unconditional compassion, where you are viewed through the eyes of love, as the powerful, magnificent being you already are. Available via distance.

Fee for Services:
30 minutes=$45, 50 minutes=$80, 80 minutes=$120
*Times indicate your time on the table receiving services.Add-ons:

Email: if interested. For distance sessions, click here.