Conflict=Energy Chapter 2: Embodiment

In this week’s episode of Growing Beyond, you will hear Chapter 2 of Jason Digges’ book Conflict=Energy. I’m not getting any cash or favors for reading this content. I just really love it and have found it profoundly helpful. I reached out to Jason and he was cool, as you may expect, and gave me permission to share.

You hear people talk about being grounded or being in their bodies quite a bit these days. It doesn’t feel great to be stuck in our mental, thinking, busy-mind energy, but that is where technology often brings us. But our human bones and flesh are literally consciousness embodied. You are a thinking mind, but you are also a feeling body. We are meant to sing, dance, move, hug, stretch, pull, push, speak, yell, shake, and boogie our way through our lives. We are meant to be visionaries and dream, and then to bring our visions through us into our bodies, through us into the world.

In this chapter of Jason Digges book, he talks about polarities and how when we embrace the idea of holding more than one quality at once, we can surpass the experience of the duality of holding just one or the other. For instance, dignity and humility can be held in a balanced state, rather than tipping past dignity into arrogance or tipping past humility into being a doormat.

If we can increase our ability to be in our bodies, we can actually enhance our ability to feel, sort through, and process our emotional energy. Vision and embodiment allows us to vision our lives while being in the present moment. We show up for our lives in a different way, having our felt experience in real time while bringing our manifestations into being through us.

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