Authentic Relating: How do we feel seen?

The single most profound relational experience I had in my 200 hour yoga teacher training was learning Circling, which is a form of Authentic Relating. I recently reached out to Jason Digges, author of Conflict=Energy: The Transformative Practice of Authentic Relating because I was interested in sharing chapters of his book on my podcast, Growing Beyond. This book is essential reading for any human asking themselves question like:

“How can I feel less lonely?”
“How do we really make the world better?”
“How can I counteract the disconnection I feel with technology?”
“How can I feel more satisfied in my relationships?”
“How can I help my kids feel loved and seen?”

The practice of Authentic Relating guides you into new realities regarding all of these questions. And I am PUMPED to share these concepts with you. I’ll be offering Authentic Relating sessions in my DeFo office.

And, long story short, regarding sharing chapters of the book, Jason said YES! So I will be sharing chapters over the coming weeks. Check out the first episode here: Growing Beyond Episode 21.

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