I’ve taken a big hiatus from posting anything on this pod feed. In fact, I was still working on editing an interview I did with Riley Huebsch about birth and postpartum doulaing when the world’s systems screeched to a halt and started reshaping with a pandemic and global cries to restructure our society to embody racial justice.

So, as the podcast title states, I felt a need to GROW and broaden the view of what kinds of stories I wanted to broadcast on this feed. Sure, birth stories, postpartum stories, women’s stories…but why not more? Why not see what comes?

So today I sat down to talk with my amazing nephew, Gabe. He is graduating from high school this year and headed for college in the fall (virtual or otherwise.) We talk about protests, Martin Luther King, Jr., the problem with corrupt cops, and why this time in history is as he says, “a tipping point.”

Gabe’s perspective is unique primarily because he has great ideas and is a young person going through incredible cultural changes. On top of that, his origin story is unique, as a person of color living in Wisconsin, adopted from Guatemala to white parents in a middle class family.

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