For the parents….





This is a short episode. I wanted to give a shout out to parents of young kids making it work amidst extreme social restrictions. Particularly parents of high energy kids that are seeking proprioceptive input and need therapy that might be currently unavailable. Especially parents who are working overtime to manage their own stress and meet their kids’ needs while many of their sanity-keeping resources are unavailable. So I grabbed a poem I’d written a couple years ago. Here’s an excerpt:

You are loving harder bigger wider, redefining normal, stretching it to make it yours. You are stepping on legos and beads, hunting for stuffed animals in the middle of the night, you are clung to and breathed on in your sleep, never alone and perpetually lonely, wishing for respite. You are loved ferociously, fiercely, sought out above anyone else. You are peppered with non-stop questions, inventive thoughts and ideas, you are craving silence and solutions.

You are needed and necessary, the teacher and student, in over your head and right where you belong, seeking, experimenting, reading, discovering. You sneak chocolate and beer after dark, hide in the bathroom and cry in the shower. You feel empowered and powerless every day and are wondering about failure and are celebrating small successes- a hug, a moment of cooperation, an ask for permission.

You scour the internet, seek out sandboxes and ninja classes, buy more band-aids and pray for naps. You are thinking about the future, about what you are sacrificing, about who you are becoming, what you are fostering, about what could be wrong and what you might be getting right.


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