GROW: Podcast Interview with Amy Anderson

This episode covers: The power and powerlessness of birth, middle school social stigmas, C-sections, band geeks, gut biomes, Kombucha…what don’t we talk about?!

Find Amy at Health Journey Chiropractic in Fitchburg or, for home visits: here.

If you want to jump to the birth story, head to 23:00.






Meet Amy 1:10

How to raise money for schools in non-annoying ways 2:50

The philosophical dilemma of goldfish crackers 5:00

Why don’t we all have hybrid minivans 6:30

How messy cars get with kids 9:35

Middle school hierarchies and misunderstandings 12:30

Amy is a jock brain 15:30

Band geeks are awesome 17:00

Why did girls in our generation feel bad about themselves? 18:00

The female brain and Kris gets distracted by orgasms 21:00

Being simultaneously your most vulnerable and your strongest 23:00

Birth story and letting go of control 24:00

Amy loves Nesalla Kombucha 27:00

When your birth plan changes by necessity in a direction you don’t like 27:00

Amy gets biblical 28:00

Births and miscarriages and life…Do we have control over our fates? 29:45

Is birth and death outside the order of the universe? Does birth give you lessons specific to you? 32:00

Can you turn a breech baby? 35:00

C-section is not a surgery, it’s a birth 37:00

Amy didn’t pump gas while pregnant 40:00

Break: Amy’s info & Postpartum Support International

Why Amy became a lactation consultant 43:00

The necessity having a woman in the room for breastfeeding help 45:00

Support before birth or after….which is more important if you had to choose? 48:00

Kris edits in “overstated” for “understated” because……can’t abide the wrong word 49:20

If your boob is a firehose? 52:45

It’s not a matter of opinion…postpartum facts for the health picture 56:00

Having your shit together is bullshit 1:00

Why are we skeptical of people who have clean houses? 1:02

It’s hard to let your older kids go 1:06

The importance of connections 1:09

Amy’s work 1:11









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