If you’re here, you’re in the right place.


Many of us grew up feeling disconnected from each other, the rhythm of the natural world and our own inner wisdom. Hungry to find our way back to that connection, we became seekers, asking essential questions. How to preserve what is sacred while discovering what’s novel? How to find our way back to connection while restoring hope and resilience?  How to cultivate health and well-being both within and in our world? How to celebrate our own unique voice?

  On these pages you’ll find my practice of offering my skills in different ways to help connect, receive, discover, create and restore: through storytelling, music, meditative wisdom traditions, and the power of touch.

Meditation. Yoga. Bodywork. Audio Production. Songwriting. Podcasting.

All of the services I offer will bring you closer to yourself,
to others and to the world we share.