“We have to acknowledge sometimes that this moment is enough. This place is enough. I am enough. – Sue Monk Kidd


We are enough. Sometimes the words feel a little like trying to swallow a fish whole.

Really? Am I really enough? When I’m eating chocolate for lunch and skipping yoga and my kids are yelling at each other? When my debt has entered triple digits and all I want is to binge netflix and the planet is literally heating up and recycling my toilet paper rolls won’t fix it?  How can I feel like enough when it seems like so regularly I’m not?

How do I feel whole? How do I get back to that place of knowing I’m ok just as I am?




Reconnecting is not like getting an IV of fluids, it’s more like drinking a glass of water every day.  It’s saying hello and listening to the inner self and the Source energy daily.

The sensation of knowing that you are enough is written into the blueprint of your essence. We are connected and inseparable from the energy within that unites us and creates our magnificent experience. Yet we often have to find it and refind it and find it again and again, until it is a well-worn path.

I’m here to keep you company walking the path, point out that you are indeed walking the path, and walk with you in your travels.

What I share in my healing serviceswriting, and teaching are guidance, tools, and practices to help you gain access to both your unbound self and the infinite loving potential we are all connected to.